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Living Sufism is a program of the Sufi Way

The Traveler's Lore

The Wadudi angels, moved by the human sorrows and prayers billowing like smoke from planet Earth, decided they had to do something. But how? Being of the highest angelic plane they lacked the means to help in the earthly ways humanity most needed. So they turned to their cousins, the Qadirians in hopes that they might have greater agency on the material plane. But the Qadirians, although closer to the lower reaches of the high heavens, are still angels, with no way to directly affect planetary creatures. What to do?


As fear and confusion continued to spread through the human world, the other celestial planes became aware of the disasters already overtaking people and of what the Wadudis and Qadirians were trying to do. Soon the entire angelic realm was drawn into this quandary: how to help humanity out of its despairing darkness? 


Hoping to calm this turbulence in the noosphere, Micheal, a Chief Angel, reminded them that angels have no way to directly influence what happens in the earthly domain of time and space.  As  a vital part of the Great Omni Designer’s plan, angels are restricted to the realms immediately above and below them. So they only have access to the Designer and to the interspace between the spiritual and the corporeal realities the Sufis call the barzakh.


Human suffering continued to deepen as the Earth herself turned against them—fires and floods chasing them to yet more dangers. The sorrow and sense of helplessness in the angelic world also deepened, prompting the Chief Angel, Gabriella, to go to the Designer and plead for intervention. 


She had a serious glow about her when she returned, as if she were pondering something. “What did the Designer say?” the angels asked urgently. Gabriella answered, “There is a way we can help, but we must discover it for ourselves”. On hearing this, each of the seven angelic planes convened emergency conferences. Chief Angels moved among them to help them solve this quandary—how to help humanity without having access to their world?


The answer was obvious once they could see past their hopelessness—the barzakh was the only way. So when the entire angelic realm reconvened they were not surprised to find they had all independ-ently hit upon the same solution: They would fill the barzakh with vital support by spreading countless “Seeds” throughout this expanse  between the worlds of matter and spirit. When discovered and cultivated, these Seeds would enable true solutions to grow naturally and in accord with the Great Omni Designer's plan by manifesting, in time and space, embodiments of Her love, and wisdom.  

These Seeds are the treasures the Travelers seek—the mystic insights and intuitions which, when "germinated", activate transformation. To find them, they go into the barzakh through the only portal available to humans, the Imaginal—the world Ibn Arabi calls the Creative  Imagination. So, while their journey unfolds in the material surroundings and relationships of their daily lives, they are actually searching the Imaginal realm—their personal liminal realities.

There is a legendary lineage of Sufis called the Travelers who believe that everything we need is right here. Even in dire times—such as now enshroud humanity—everything we need can be found in the world immediately around and within us. We just need to know how to search. They call this mystical quest for the spiritual and material gifts hidden in plain sight, The Seed Game. In especially difficult times, they gather to play this game after the annual harvest, as the dark of the year begins. Here is the story they tell as they set out on this journey.

Pir Elias,

in his essay, "Human Being", describes the barzakh as…


"…what Rumi calls 'the majesty that lives in the deep center of everyone.' I suspect it is a majesty that lives in the deep center of everything, in the tree and the mountain, the rabbit and the hawk, but in the barzakh of human being it can be known, and once known it becomes a source of wisdom and loving kindness."

The entire essay can be found here


The Legend of AthenaMai

Another chapter of the Travelers' Lore was revealed to us at the conclusion of our first Sufi Way Seed Game at the end of 2022. It can be found here but should only be read by those who have completed at least one Traveling. 

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