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FAQs--Seed Game Instructions

What is the object of The Seed Game? 

The object of the game is to "level up" in a particular relational field of one’s life. In the symbolic language of the Sufis these levels are called "stations". Leveling up, in The Seed Game, is not just about developing personal capacities, but about becoming a more loving, effective member of Beloved Community, as Pir Elias describes it in his essay  The game is played by discovering an insight or intuition through Imaginal inquiry. We call these Imaginal revelations, Seed Attractors. While these attractors are revealed through CONTEMPLATION, their corresponding Seeds are discovered through  EXPERIENTIAL encounters. By bringing expanded awareness to our worldly interactions we can discover transformative potentials we may not have been aware of, “hidden” in a particular relationship. These potentials are the Seeds we can then plant and cultivate in our lives.

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annotations  to help clarify these.
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How do I play the game?

Phase 1 - Contemplation

You begin by exploring a particular “relationship” (in the broadest sense of the word)  through a contemplation that may reveal a Seed Attractor . This process is described below as Imaginal contemplation.

Phase 2 - Awareness
While you are in an actual experience of that relationship, you watch and listen for anything that happens which awakens or in some way reminds you of the Attractor.  This EXPERIENCE is your Seed. More about the experiential Seed below.

Phase 3 -- Commitment
You then plant that Seed through consecration, invoking the “higher” powers of nature to help bring the Seed to life so that it might bear fruit. This ritual is described below as “Sacred Alchemy”.

What is Imaginal contemplation?
  1. In a contemplative state, scan your life for a relationship (in the broadest sense) which, for whatever reason, calls your attention.

  2. Once you’ve identified the relationship, deepen your contemplation by asking it—without expecting an immediate answer—“WHAT DO YOU NEED?” .

  3. Follow this question into the Imaginal as if it were a light source illuminating your way in an unfamiliar landscape. Here are three ways to do that:

    1. Visualization 

    2. Contemplative Inquiry 

    3. Journaling

  4. Rather than answering the question directly, the Imaginal may offer an image or a feeling or an impression. If this arises as a word or phrase it’s important to remain uncertain about what it might mean. This impressionistic sense is the Seed Attractor.

  5. To carry the Seed Attractor back through the Imaginal veil, so that it can manifest the Seed in your daily life, you will need to give it a ‘tag’—a word or phrase that will help you remember it, without confining its meaning or possibilities.

The Experiential Seed

You discover the Seed in an ACTUAL EXPERIENCE of the relationship you’ve identified. By keeping it in the back of your mind the Seed Attractor functions as a subtle sensor. You watch and listen for anything THAT HAPPENS that reminds you of the impression you received in the Imaginal.

The Seed is then something you EXPERIENCE not just realize intellectually. You can “hold onto” the experience without defining it by associating it with the tag. To improve that process, as soon as possible after discovering the Seed, spend some quiet time replaying the experience with the tag in mind.

What is Sacred Alchemy?

For the experiential Seed you’ve discovered to deliver its promise it must be BROUGHT TO LIFE through Sacred Alchemy. 

  1. Begin by once again creating an appropriate space and time for a meditative process. Then gratefully acknowledge the loving concern of the Angels and the gift of the Seeds they have endowed us with. How you do this depends on the language and constructs you are most comfortable with. However you do it, it is best to speak your praise and thankfulness out loud.

  2. In the next stage of this ritual you consider how you will cultivate this Seed, not just in the relationship you identified, but in other areas of your life. This can be done by envisioning situations you will likely encounter and Imaginally rehearsing what you will do to allow the Seed’s potential to come to life in that relationship. It’s helpful to make notes, invest a talisman, or create “wake-ups” which will remind you to activate the Seed’s influence.

  3. You close the ritual by resting silently, confidently in the presence of the Divine influences of the Seed and its Source. Remind yourself that the only effort that will be required in any of this is the steady awareness which allows these influences to work. 

What are the principles (rules) of the game? 

The Principle of Community — The Seeds will be found in relational experiences.

  • Seeds only exist in “community”. Because they are not “things”  but living “propagators” they only exist in living systems, i.e relational fields;

  • these fields encompass, biological, intimate, social, intrapersonal, transpersonal relations;

  • the particular relationship in which a seed is discovered, is the optimum “soil” in which it may be planted.

The Principle of Sincerity — Seeds will only disclose themselves when you are being sincere.

  • “Sincerity” here means, being true, transparent, available without judgements or equivocations;

  • the fruit of these Seeds are only useful to the true self, the one behind the various roles we have played and play and the stories we have told and tell about ourselves;

  • the cultivation of Seeds for limited purposes (I want to be rich, for example) may only yield unhelpful disruptions, and might even impede future gardening.

The Principle of Commitment — The potency of a Seed you find will be proportional to the commitment you make to its cultivation.

  • “Commitment”, in this context, could be defined as the steadiness with which intention, will, and love are aligned with the power of the Seed; 

  • and the consistency with which that steadiness is refreshed and deepend throughout the entire discovery-cultivation-harvest process;

  • it’s also a function of how willing and able we are to fully integrate the seed’s fruition—new modalities of perception, thought and action. 


The Principle of Uncertainty — Seeds are found in the Imaginal—a liminal space where everything both is and isn't what it seems.

  • We might think that uncertainty would make it impossible to act in a definitive way, but in The Seed Game focused direction is balanced by holy doubt; 

  • The more we believe we can define anything, the further we drift from its truth.

  • The underlying message of The Cloud of Unknowing suggests that the way to know God is to abandon objective consideration of God's particular activities and attributes, and be courageous enough to surrender one's mind and ego to the realm of "unknowing" (the Imaginal) to glimpse the nature of God. (Wikipedia)

The Principle of Magical Realism — Seeds are found when the “imagined” is made real.

  • “Reality, including this very moment for you and me and the whole Enormous Show everywhere, is inventing itself as it goes. It is alive and creative and free. Of course, each of those words, “alive,” “creative,” “free,” can get stuck in our objectifying minds as things we think we know, but we have the intuitive capacity to let them loose, to sense them beyond their word-forms in the undefined, spontaneously creative openness that we share with Godness itself.” - Pir Elias Amidon, from “God is Not Something Already Made

 How do I “win” the game”?

Leveling up—entering a spiritual station—takes place when you share the fruits of your garden. It may be that an old misunderstanding with a friend is finally resolved, or a new depth of understanding makes it possible for you to serve the Beloved Community more effectively, or that by overcoming self-consciousness you are able to be more present in challenging situations. How it manifests will be determined by the Seed and its particular relational field, but the game is not resolved until the fruit is TASTED.


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Initiating the Quest

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Entering the Imaginal

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"Is any effort required for realizing the truth? The answer is yes. There is a work that one can do, which is as the work of a farmer, it is to cultivate the heart. But where man makes a mistake is that when he cultivates the heart he wishes to sow the seed himself instead of leaving the sowing of the seed to God."

Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Sufi Message


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Sacred Alchemy

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