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The Legend of AthenaMai

AthenaMai was a renowned leader of The Travelers and one of the founders of The Seed Game. There’s an important legend told about her, although many Travelers refuse to lend it credence. It is a tale about what happened after her first Traveling, in the very first Seed Game ever played. It's not difficult to see why this story is not accepted by all Travelers since it tells of her actually going to and meeting the Angels in THEIR dimension. This is thought to be impossible, but, more than that, many refuse to believe this story because what she found evidently nullifies the game itself.

According to this legend, on the summer solstice following the first ever Seed Game, AthenaMai discovered the Circle of Dreams. Until then the Circle was believed to be just an idea—a mythic portal, transparent but unpassable, that enabled humans to observe the Sphere of the Unseen, and for the Unseen to observe humans without violating The Designer’s law. But on that summer night AthenaMai actually found it, deep in a forest glen far beyond the villages. And she entered it.

No one was with her so there's no way to know if she actually vanished when she stepped into the ring of large luminous mushrooms among the slender birch trees, but as far as she was concerned she was no longer on the earth, or in a body, or of a time. She was “transported”.    

This is how she related the experience to  her daughter, Clarina, the only person she ever told. “I found myself in a fragrant cloud of drifting colors—ribbons of delicate yellows and strands of rose pinks interlaced with pale blues, shifting as if moving on currents of unfelt breezes. A sound from afar, like the call of an etheric creature gradually drew near and then formed into a gentle but clear voice that said, ‘Why are you here?’. 

“I don’t know how I knew this” AthenaMai continued, “but I was sure that this was the voice of ChiefAngel Michael so I replied, ‘I’m here to thank you for the gift of the seeds you placed in the barzakh for us’. “Suddenly the drifting streams of color swirled into a vortex, from whose glowing center came again that striking voice, ‘Please explain’, it said. 

“‘The seeds’, I repeated, ‘the seeds you sent us to discover and grow through The Game so that we might meet the awful difficulties we’re facing. We want you to know how grateful we are.’

“Then the colors began to striate and ripple and I had the distinct impression that other Angels had arrived and that they were conferring with each other. Gradually several new colorful swirls formed and from their glowing centers crystalline voices came: ‘We did not’, said one; ‘we would not’, said another;  ‘we cannot’, said the third.  And at that moment I knew that the story about the Angels interceding on behalf of humanity was not true.”

Upon hearing this account Clarina protested, “But mother, that would mean that the Seed Game is not real. How could so many of us have found our seeds, and grown so much if the Game is not real?” AthenaMai looked puzzled. “Yes, I know, this is a mystery. So you must promise me to never repeat what I have told you. It would undermine the Traveling and The Seed Game would be no more.”

Clarina remained silent. She never made that promise and many years later, sensing that she would soon pass from this plane, she drew HER eldest daughter ClaraMai aside and said to her. “There’s something you should know. Before you were born, your grandmother, AthenaMai, had a mystic vision in which the Angels told her that they had never seeded the barzakh, in the way the Travelers Lore tells us. That they, in fact, could not do such a thing. And yet, it’s obvious that The Seed Game is real; the seeds and the potential they represent are real. What I have come to understand and what I hope you will carefully pass on in the future only to those you trust is that WE ARE those seeds. Each human being is a seed. There are no seeds other than individual human hearts. Entrust this knowledge only to those who you know will protect it and instruct them to pass it on only to those who are ready to understand."



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