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We generally think of an “experience” as that which occurs when an experiencer encounters someone, something or some event around which he/she draws an outline of awareness. That outline is usually acknowledged by… “Oh, I see”, “Look at that!”, “Oh, yes, that”, “That’s a…”, etc. These sorts of formulations, whether spoken or thought, enable the experiencer to “grasp” what has become present in awareness.

That grasping brings with it the notion that I, the experiencer, am having this experience. The implicit duality of this understanding is inescapable. After all, if I pick up a shell on the beach and I now have this object are not the object and the holder two separate things?

But what if an experience is actually a resolution of duality—a singularity in which there is only itself? What if duality and experience are mutually exclusive? So if in an experience it is not I having it, what’s going on? Presence.


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