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Open Up

Sometimes it’s better not to know how it ends; or how it was caused. Sometimes a mystery can take us further than an explanation. It’s understandable that we’ve come to rely on knowing and understanding to make our way through life. So we constantly ask, “Why did this happen?” (so I can fix it or repeat it) and “What is the meaning of this?” (so I know how to relate). But often, the harder we grab at definitions and meaning, the narrower our world becomes.

The inner life of the mind is developed in a very different way. The question “why?” is all but useless in observing and connecting with the metaphysical, or transpersonal. In these dimensions of experience meaning is multifaceted, fluid and often self-contradictory. Sharp definitions and logical analysis, vital to external operations, are not useful in the deeper reaches of thought and feeling. The subtle mind craves, vision, poetry, ambiguity, beauty, wonder and randomness.

The pieces in this blog are tattered flags whose insignia are both decipherable and incomprehensible. If they avoid conclusions it is because the author is less interested in promoting a particular view than in provoking imaginative responses. It is in the reader’s deeper mind that the personal images, ideas, insights arise which are truly relevant, useful. There is nothing necessarily arbitrary, or facile about making up your own ending.

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