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Corona Dispatches

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Reality Is Relational
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During the Covid Pandemic lockdown many of us spent countless hours in online conversations and meetings. Some of us also began to tap sources of information we had not previously encountered. This has, I believe, generated an exponential enrichment of collective consciousness. If the Internet is the technology which enables any and all of us to access the collective mind in real time, these last few months have expanded and deepened that mind in a way that is perhaps more significant than we can comprehend: The collective now contains active, self-aware meta-webs of evolutionary potentials and revolutionary fervor.

These Corona Dispatches were inspired by exchanges in dozens of Zoom rooms. They reflect a small slice of the fresh perspectives that often arose in those conversations, as well as online sources that I probably would not have found but for the guidance that came from those meetings. In that sense these videos are collaborative, reflecting the vistas opened in those sometimes despairing, sometimes jovial, always heartfelt online gatherings. I’m still amazed that all this happened without my leaving my desk  or exerting myself beyond clicking a mouse.

PLP June 11 2020

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