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A quiet exodus is taking place among some of the communities advocating wise, effective responses to the dangers facing our planet, our societies and our species.  Sensing the limitations of the paradigms informing conventional activism, some in these organizations are either moving on, or recalibrating their places in them. They seem to be inviting us to an uncharted world beyond prevailing assumptions.


The World Beyond Human is a creative project exploring the new pathways being created by this diaspora of souls. In particular: the transrational, the transpiritual and the transhistorical.


Transrational —  augmenting reasoning and the intellect by including unconventional forms of imagining, thinking, and knowing. Learn more.

Transpiritual — favoring the direct reality of being over traditional teachings and disciplines; without negating or abandoning them. Learn more.


Transhistorical — there is no “past”. What has happened is not “elsewhen”, it is still alive here and now; if it isn’t, then it has no bearing.  Learn more.

​                                                               ~Puran Lucas Perez

​The World Beyond Human is...

  • a convocation of voices exploring the outer reaches of our humanity. 

  • an expedition beyond the borderlands of conventional understanding

  • a creative project more than an intellectual inquiry


  • a nexus in the metaverse of collective consciousness and the internet

  • a curated webwork of diverse documents, media and apps   

  • a constellation of translocal, live events


  • unaffiliated with any teaching, organization, or purpose

  • emergent — not vectored toward any destination or conclusion

  • intrinsically heuristic rather than piloted by “experts” 


  • an evolution, rather than a critique, of spiritual or philosophical traditions

  • not just alternate pathways, but alternate ways of mapping pathways  

  • the manifestation of “doors” into a world which will not exist until we enter it


  • experiential rather than academic

  • rooted in mysticism rather than just alluding to it

  • transformative in intention, generative in effect

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